A quick snapshot of a few more maps


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Braith and Lachie hope all the pirates find the gold.

Jamie says “the maps were clear”

Logan ” Don’t let anyone steal the gold.’

Lachlan ” Well done Mr O’Toole’s grade”

howdy msregans grade
thank you for the comments. Have you ever made a pirate map? they are really fun to make.
from Boden

dear, Mr.o
was it hard to get music on your blog?
I love the songs your putting on.
do you like the music?
can you please post more?
from callum.

I do enjoy listening to music. The apps I used to make all these videos have access to my music files so it’s pretty simple. I’m sure I’ll use the apps again at some point.
Mr O.

Geordie ” I hope you found a great place to hide the treasure.”

Mr O’Toole’s class are very clever and have done an awesome job!

everyone has done a very good job on their maps I hope no one gets the gold.

what’s your favourite map?

Hi 3/40
Abbey work is good i like the “A” lsland

do you like the map ?

i like the maps and abbeys

from rebecca

Dear Abbey
I like how you made an “A” island
I was going to do an “A” island but then i made a face,
The thing i like most of all is how you made a waterfall because not much people did waterfalls.
What did you like most of all about doing the map.
From Ashlea

hi, grade
I love all your cool maps do you like them?
l love all the colour and shapes.

The video is good I like the island ! from danielle

Dear Mr OToole how did you make the treasure map video

I used an app called Flipagram to make this video.

Dear Callum,
I like the skull on the directions
Did you print it off?

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