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  1. go north 6km to the temple
  2. walk east 3km
  3. walk 5km south
  4. walk 8km east to the dessert
  5. walk 3km north
  6. walk 2km east
  7. walk 6km north
  8. walk 2km east
  9. walk 3km north
  10. walk away 4km from the zombies
  11. walk north 3km from the monster
  12. walk west 3km from the hole
  13. walk 2km north onto the x
  14. dig


  1. What is at j1?
  2. If I went north 10km then east 6km where am I?
  3. What coordinates is the east zombie at?
  4. What is the monsters coordinates?
  5. If I was at f14 then l10 then then went north east 6km then east 3km where would I be?
  6. If I went south from the west corner of the river where would I be?
  7. If I went 1km from the coral would I be?
  8. If I went north east from the temple 9km then east 3km where am I?
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Comments (7)

gday matt
your pirate map looks amazing. were did you get all them ideas? my pirate map looked boring
see you later alligator
from Boden

Howdy Boden,
thanks the ideas just popped into my head
From Matthew

g’day Matt
thank you for your reply. if you were a pirate would you find the treasure? i would i like treasure hunts.
from Boden 🙂

Howdy Boden,
I think i would find the treasure i am great at that stuff thanks
From Matthew

g’day boden
i would find the treasure i am great at that stuff i think i made the map easy to follow
From Matthew (:

Matthew like how you made your treasure map on your map why did you go north so many times? form Benjaminm123

hi Matt
i like you map it look like a good one

do you like the map ?

from rebecca

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