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(A hardcopy of this note will also be sent home Monday)

Dear Parents/Guardians­­­,

As you know reading is an extremely important and valued skill required for education. This year our class decided on a reward system to try to get everyone to read as much as possible at home. The reward system was based around reading a required amount to earn a sticker for the class, once the class received a certain amount of stickers, they would be rewarded. We have just earned 500 stickers and are due for our major reward for the year, a class party!

If your child has read the required amounts, they will partake in the party and are asked to please bring in a plate of party food/party drink to share with the rest of the class this Wednesday the 9th of December.


Mr O’Toole


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Comments (5)

Dear Mr O’toole
Hi Mr O’toole how are you going?
Are you excited about the class party?
I am really excited about being there
From brianna

Good morning Mr. O’Toole and class,

Greetings from Miami, Florida USA. I have finished reading the book that I have brought with me so reading this blog has kept me entertained between meetings. I really like to read the student comments so please keep commenting.

Best regards,


To Dad (Aka old man)
How has your day been in Miami,Florida USA been.
What book did you finish reading?
How has your trip going?
I really wish I could come with you but I can’t.
From Mckenzie

As this is a blog and not an email, lets stick to the topic of the original post. Can you tell me if you helped the class by reading and did you read the required amounts?

Can you tell me a bit more about the party and what foods there will be?

I look forward to seeing the next blog and pictures of the party. Hope your class has lots of fun.

Dear Dad (Old Man)
The class has read the requierd amout to make it to a class party.
Not everyone read so not everyone joined the party.
The class party food had lollies,pizza,lift,chips and more chips.
From Mckenzie

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