Symmetry activity


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Hi matty

I like your reindeer. Did you like that maths session?


To 3/4o
your pictures look amazing. Mine turned out terrible. Which one is your favourite? How did they turn out so good?
From Brent

Dear boden

What did you like about your symmetery chick

From Craig

Dear, Rebecca
I liked your duck
I haven’t even finished my one
How did you finish so fast?
From Brianna

Daer class I LOVE them Matt yours look amzing but I that rain deer was mine but I do not care I had lots mess ups I wish mine looked like yours

From Jarrah

Hi Jarrah,
thanks i think yours was good you just needed to color it in and thanks i think mine looked good to
From Matthew

Thank you Matt for the lovely commit
From Jarrah

To Jarrah,
Thanks Jarrah for saying I did a lovely comment
From Matthew

To matt

What did you like about the raindear

From Craig

To Craig,
I liked everything about it did you like yours Craig
From Matthew

Hi Brianna
I did it by symmetry because of the page we had done
in maths
Do you like it ?
From Rebecca

hey matt

I really like your reideer.
do you like it?
because i dont like my snow man.
did you make another symmetry picturer?

from kiarah

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