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On Christmas my friends came over for dinner. I got Lego friend,books,makeup and a school bag.

Then we had dinner with Zoe , Zach and my nana. My nanas present was a phone. My parent was one book from my auntie.







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Dear Rebecca,
I went to my auntie’s place as well and my cousins were there. I got a watch a bouncy ball and some other things for christmas. What was your favourite present you got?
From Ella

To Ella
I had a fun time at home with my cousins Zoe and Zach.
What is your favourite thing about Christmas ?

From Rebecca

To Rebecca,
My favourite thing about Christmas is how everybody gets together and has fun. What’s your favourite thing about Christmas?
From Ella

To Ella
My favourite present is Lego friends and books like billy b brown.
Do you like Christmas morning ?
From Rebecca

Dear Rebecca,
I do like Christmas morning but sometimes don’t. I do like it because you get to see all your presents but I don’t like it because we wake up early. From Ella

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