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To Mr O,
We like your blog post. How did you do it? What is your favourite sport? We are also happy to have you as our teacher.
From Zane and Jack C

Hello boys,
Thankyou for your positive comments. I used a web 2.0 program called Powtoon to create this video, it’s a really fun program and I hope to show you how to use it one day. My favourite sports to play are football and golf, but I also love to watch any sport. Cricket, basketball and even netball are fun to watch.
Mr O

Hi 4/5O
How did you do it mr o

Hi Mr O’Toole and Class of 2016. Welcome back to school. I love your Vimeo, it’s very clever. I hope that the class put some more of these on the blog (when they learn how too!). Also would you tell me some of the challenges that you are planning for this year? Regards Louise

Thankyou Louise,
I hope the class will be making some of these soon too. Throughout the year the students will have multiple challenges to complete such as using a web 2.0 tool such as this to post their own stories on their own blogs.
Mr O.

To Mr O’toole

Skye and I really enjoyed your blog its great to have a fun teacher and the class blog is a great way to learn and share.
Skye has some quality comments to ask you:
Where have you traveled? and where is your favorite spot?
What sport do you like?
Hopefully you can challenge the class to do our own fun blog?
How do you make education fun?
Thank you for making homework fun 🙂
from Skye and Gaelene.

Hi there!
Well my previous reply said my favourite sports so I’ll tell you a little about my travels. In 2012 I spent a year living in London. I taught at schools there but I also went to some amazing places. France, Spain, Italy, Croatia, Bosnia, Czech Rebublic, Austria, Poland and Turkey just to name a few. I liked them all for different reasons. France for their mountain ranges. Italy for their coast line and history. I went to Gallipoli on ANZAC Day which is a must for everyone in Australia. I have also travel to Thailand and Vietnam on occasions. Hopefully I can use my experiences of other countries and cultures to get my class excited to learn about the world.
Thanks for the comment.
Mr O

To. Mr O’toole
Looking forward to see the children have some fun blogging this year, enjoyed the video as it was easy to follow and looking forward to seeing the goals achieved.

From Shane g

Hello Mr O’Toole,

That was very impressive, Its amazing what you can do on a computer!
This is all very new to us and I am glad Ethan gets to explore different avenues on the computer.
Will you be teaching the kids how to make video’s like this?
Thank you for making education fun and exciting.
Dena and Ethan

Hello Mr O’Toole,
That was very impressing, its pretty cool what you can do on a computer. Will you be teaching the kids how to do this?
This is all very new to us and I am glad Ethan gets to explore different avenues on the computer.
Ethan comes home everyday saying he had fun learning,so thank you for putting fun and excitement into education.
From Dena and Ethan

Hi mr,o

We really liked you video
What is your favourite subject?
Did you enjoy your time traveling around the world?
How will you make learning fun

From JETT and kristy

Hello there!
How will I make learning fun? Well, the first thing I do is try and find out what you’re interested in and adapt the curriculum to that. For example if you love footy, your six times tables can be a breeze, 6 goals equals 36 points because 6×6=36. If you don’t like reading and only play mine craft on an iPad in your spare time, why not read one of the mine craft dictionaries.
The next thing is to be entertaining. Be a little silly, be exuberant and before you know it you’ll be learning.
Thanks for the comment guys.
Mr O

Hi mr’o

We really liked you video
What is you favourite subject?
Did you enjoy your time traveling?
How will you make learning fun?

From jett and kristy

Hi Mr O,
I think your blog is fantastic! I am looking forward to keeping up to date with all the interesting things you, and your students of 2016 do throughout the year!

Hi Mr O’Toole
Great blog you mite be able to talk to Bailey about some of the places you have traveled to as we are going
To Bail in the next holidays.
From Leeanne

To Mr O ,
Great video and i cant wait to start bloging in the new school where have you traveled ? and how can you
make learning fun ?
from kylie and lateysha

Hi Mr O’Toole,
Sorry this is late but I just got home from work. I love how enthusiastic you are as a teacher and the kids are very lucky to have such a teacher. Your welcoming blog to the kids is great and I’m sure it has made the kids feel like learning this year is going to be a fun journey for them.
Looking forward to constantly checking in on this site, this is such a good way for kids to read, write and become more confident. Mr O’toole what inspired you to start a blog??
Over and out.
Teena and Zane

Thankyou Teena,
Why start a blog? As a school faculty we have had discussions in the past on how we can improve communication with home and school. I am very much interested in 21st Century Teaching Practises and therefore began to think how I could use technology to improve this communication. I did hours and hours of research and then discovered a teachers blog in the USA. I really enjoyed reading that blog, so I decided to do even more research on how I could best implement one at Huntly PS. We are definitely still in the early stages, but I do have a lot of ideas about how we can all benefit from this experiment.
Obviously I’m here first of all for the students’ education, but if this blog helps parents to feel more positively about education and about Huntly PS then it’s worth a try.
Mr O

To mr’o

The blog is awsome and your video is fantastic.
How are you going to challenge the kids?
Why did you start the blog?

From Nic and jett

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