Mr O does cartwheels


Posted by Mr O'Toole | Posted in Mr O'Toole's messages | Posted on February 9, 2016

Today Mr O had to do cartwheels because we got 10 parents to comment on the blog in one night.

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Dear Mr O’toole,
I think it was very funny seeing you do cart wheels. To be truthful you are better then me. Was it hard to do? Were you nervous?
From Ella

To Mr o
I think it is funny seeing you do cart wheels Mr o
Was it fun and scary ?
I can do cart wheels

To mr O ,
It was so funny are your legs sore yet ?
From lateysha

To mr O Toole
i hope your legs don’t brake off!
will thay?

from gemma and donika

To Mr O’toole,
I really liked how nice you were and done us 10 cartwheels.
Was it fun

From zane

Well done Mr Otoole , we have played this a few times now , pretty impressed
Whats next ??

Hello mrO
Very good
Dose your back hurt?
Very funny

Dear Mr O’toole

watching you do the kart-wheels was funny but great mixed together.

Does your back hurt?

and you just have to get your legs a little bit more straighter.

from Skye.:)

To mr O Toole
hopefully you didn’t brake your back

from gemma

To Gemma
I hope not

To shanae
Do you think that mr O hert his back
from gemma★

To Mr O,
Thanks for making that bet we new we could beat you. How does your back feel now Mr O?
From Shelby

To Skye
Hopfuly his back doesn’t hurt I’m going with you Skye he needs to make his legs straight

To mr.o
It was cool seeing you do all cartwheels
Did you like doing them? I can not even do a cartwheel
From callum

To Callum
You might be able to do a cartwheel if you try

Do you think Mr O could do 30 cartwheels?

To Bailey
Yes what about 100 haha

To 5/4O
My mum dad brother and nan thought it was hilarious and proud that he could get ten

To Bailey & Shanae,
I think Mr O could try to do 30 cartwheels but Shanae when did you think of 100 cartwheels?
From Shelby

To shelby
I was just joking
30 probably the most he could do

Dear Mr O’Toole

That was so amazing seeing you do cart- wheels. I can’t even do one cart- wheel. What did you feel like after you did the cart-wheels?

From Ethan

Hi Ethan
I think you can do one if you try

dear Mr Otool
wow last year I didn’t see you do a single cartwheel but now I’ve seen you do 10! have you been training behind the camera?
from Nevaeh 🙂


Next time its assembly your doing twenty with out a doubt!!!!

P.S what gave you the idea to do 10 cartwheels?

hi Mr O

I saw the video of you doing the cartwheels it was funny.
I never thought you could do cartwheels.
Was I scary?
Have you done cartwheels before?

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