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All members of 4/5 O are required to have a job this year. In order to get the position they want they must write an application to Mr O convincing him they are the right person for that job. Students can follow these guidelines to help write a good application.

  1. Format the application like a letter with a greeting, paragraphs and a sign off.
  2. Who are you? And what job are you applying for?
  3. How do you plan to organise your time in and out of class time to be sure that all your responsibilities are being met?
  4. Why do you think you can handle the added responsibility of this classroom job?
  5. What qualities do you have that make you the most qualified applicant for this position?

Applications are due on Friday the 4th of March 2016. Students can apply for multiple jobs if they want, however they can only perform one job at a time. Students will get limited time to complete these in class so if they wish to write some of them in their own time they may.

The jobs and responsibilities are as follow:

Class Blogger:

  • Take photos of class working/work/excursions
  • Take videos of class working/work/excursions
  • Work with Mr O to make presentations


  • Keep shelves tidy.
  • Fix torn pages.
  • Keep right books in right spots.
  • Scan books in the library.

Door Holder

  • Hold the door at every entrance and exit from a room.

Sports Monitor

  • Set up and pack up sports equipment.
  • Clean and keep shed tidy.
  • Pump up balls.


  • Plug computer/Ipads in.
  • Set up Ondemand tests.
  • Audit technology (keep right devices in right spots).


  • Help Mr O in any way he wants.


  • Clean the whiteboard after each lesson.


  • Take messages from our class to other rooms in the school.
  • Collect equipment from other rooms.

Maths coach:

  • Be another maths teacher/helper.

Technology coach:

  • Be another technology teacher/helper.

Spelling coach:

  • Be another spelling teacher/helper.

Writing coach:

  • Be another writing teacher/helper.

Reading coach:

  • Be another reading teacher/helper.
  • Read aloud to others

PE coach:

  • Be another PE teacher/helper.

Bag lockers:

  • Check for rubbish in lockers.
  • Check for bags on the floor.

Eco warrior:

  • Clean the floor.
  • Empty the bins.
  • Turn off lights when they’re not needed.
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Dear Mr. O’Toole’s Class,
We are looking forward to getting to know your class through the Blogging Challenge. We are excited to learn more about school in Australia, and see what is similar or different our school here in Oregon in the USA. That is interesting that you have to apply for a class job. We have two students who are leaders each day, and they have to help the class with a variety of jobs. We hope you will visit our blog, too. Here is the link:

From, Mrs. Amri’s Class

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