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Posted by Mr O'Toole | Posted in Excursions | Posted on May 17, 2016

Today was our first visit to Palmers Gym in Bendigo. Over the next month we will be practising our rolls, jumps and flips.

What was your favourite part of gym today?

What is your goal for the month at gym?

Did you try something new today?

What did you see someone else do that made you want to try?



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next time I would like to go in the foam pit and go around all the trasitions and do a front flip.

Hi Bailey,
I went into the foam pit but I would also like to do EVERY transition. What was You’re favourite thing that you did?
from Ella

Hi Mr o toole.
My favouite part was number 11 because I liked jummping in the pit.
From Anthony

hi mr’o
I really like the video you made.
what website did you make it on?
can you do any flips?
what was your favourite photo?

from JETT :]

Hi Mr’o class
I love gym and the best thing is jumps and filps.
what is the best thing in gym?
from rebecca

l liked your post.
To day was super fun doing trikes.
I done my first back flip.
did it look fun to you and do you want to do a flip now?

hello mr o
i liked playing on the equipment my goal is to beable to jump higher i tried the mini trampolines for the first time i tried it because i saw jarrah do it
from boden

Gym was really good, even though I learn’t it last time.
My favourite part at Palmer’s gym was flipping in to the soft cube pit.

From Jack

dear Mr O
my favorite part of gym today was probably the foam pit . My group did not get to do a lot because some other people were following us . I think I want to get better at flips . I dont think I did anything new . what
did you think was the best part ?
From Lateysha

Hey guys,
I really enjoyed gym it was fun and exciting mixed together at the same time. My favourite part of gym was doing the balancing beam and rolling over tumbling on to the soft base. My goal for the month is to learn how to do a front hand spring. The thing that I tried new was really nothing new. The thing that I wanted to do that someone else did is the foam pit because it looks like fun landing into the pool of foam.

Dear Mr O
My favourite part of gym was the foam pit because I like jumping high and then landing in a soft pit.
My goal was to jump higher so I can do more stunts.
I tried to do a front flip with out falling on my hands when I land.
I tried to do 10 chin ups because Jarrod did but I only got 60% of 10 chin ups.

Sincerely Mckenzie

Question 1: My favourite part of gym was bouncing on the inflated part and doing flips.
Question 2: To do a front flip without hands and a back flip.
Question 3:Yes a front flip but I did not land it but I landed in foam blocks.
Question 4: Bouncing of a pounce pad and doing a full on front flip.

Dear mr/O

My favourite part of gym was doing 2 front flips in the foam pit.

My goal for gym is doing double backflip.

I tried a double front flip and landed it for the first time.

Jett did a backflip and I would like to do that.

From Henry

hey mr’o
my favourite part of gym today was doing a side flip and landing into the foam pit.
Isaiah was doing cartwheels and I tried to imitate he but I landed on my face

By Jett

To MR O`toole
today I like doing flips, jumping and running. what did you injoy. my goal for the month is landing my front and back flips. today I trid to do double front flip.
from jack

hi mr O
i like number 11 i jump and roll
and i played in 2.

I Liked gym. Today I liked the balance bean what did you like. My goal is to improve my skills in gym. I did new activities in the gym. Bailey did a leap frog over a half cycle it made me try.
From Judd

Hello Mr O
My favourite part in gym today would be all the summersaults even if I got really dizzy. I felt so alive when I did the excersize. My goal this month is to do a front flip in the air. Today what I did new was when we had to lift our selves in between two wooden bars. Today I saw other kids in the foam pit I didn’t get a turn but I did have fun.
From Shelby

Hi Mr O
I really liked gym today my favourite part of gym today was when I did a backflip. My goal for the term is to do a front handspring. I tried a backwards roll on the rainbow.


Hello Mr O’Toole
my faviourite part in gym was when i did a front flip in the air before landing on my feet and that is something that i haved tried today, also my goal for the month is to try and do a back flip off a trampoline and TRY to land it.
From Dominica

I really liked the video and what was your favourite video/picture.
can you do any flips?
what I am looking forward to is doing it next week and I also don’t want to have to keep coming back an forward just because we were running and also want to be able to go around to every single one of the activities so that’s what I don’t want to happen.
from Zane :]

My favourite part was everything but the most favourite of all was the sak race on the balloon. My goal is to do a flip. I saw some one leapfrog.
From Tom

To Mr O’tools
I liked your post. My favourite part about today at Palmers Gym was jumping in the foam. I liked doing summer salt into the foam.

From James

Nice post Mr. O

Looks like the children had lots of fun as per usual. Are there any class activities that they don’t enjoy?

I’m in Shenyang China at the moment. I wonder if our up and coming Huntly gymnastic team can compete with the local Chinese children in future Olympic games.

hi tin,
can you visit my blog at some stage because i would like to get a china flag.
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from zane


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