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Posted by Mr O'Toole | Posted in Integrated Studies | Posted on May 27, 2016

Over the last two days the class have presented their oral presentations to each other. Everyone that presented did so extremely well, I’m so proud of all of you.

This was their task for the last two weeks:

Compare and contrast two living parts of our local waterways (Animal, insect or plant species). In what way do the two rely on each other in regards to the food chain?

Imagine if one of the two species were removed from the ecosystem, what effect would that have on the environment? What can we do to ensure that doesn’t happen

What was your favourite part of the project?

Which groups presentation did you enjoy?

Photo 26-05-2016, 2 41 43 PM Photo 26-05-2016, 2 42 18 PM Photo 26-05-2016, 2 50 45 PM Photo 26-05-2016, 3 00 08 PM Photo 26-05-2016, 3 01 00 PM Photo 26-05-2016, 3 16 00 PM Photo 26-05-2016, 3 28 01 PM Photo 27-05-2016, 9 09 34 AM Photo 27-05-2016, 9 11 09 AM Photo 27-05-2016, 9 19 34 AM Photo 27-05-2016, 9 26 03 AM Photo 27-05-2016, 9 44 43 AM

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Comments (24)

hi 4/5O
I really liked james and zanes preoject because it was different and i liked the facts.
I really enjoyed writing the what if my two animals were extinct
by jett

Hello Mr O
I really enjoyed the presentations it was good working with partners. What was your favourite part of the project
From Boden

Everyone has a good project. I also thought there where a couple of neck and neck ones. If I where the teacher I would mark everyone an a+ on their work

From Henry

To Mr O’toole
The local waterways project I liked is Isaiah and Anthony. Eventhough I was there wasn’t there Yestuday I recon it would’ve been a good project of the day. I also recon it would’ve been funny. I liked all the projects I recon they were awesome and spectacular .
From James

The favourite part of the project was making the project and my favourite group was Anthony and Isaiah because they dressed up as their animals they picked.

From Jack

To the class,
I really enjoyed standing up there, being brave and speaking in front of everyone it was really fun. Who was your favourite presentation?Ella and I did a PowerPoint that was full of colour and transitions for the photos and that.

Hi mr o
I like Ella’s and Skye’s and my , latysha, Dominica to.
Who project was you favourite?
From Rebecca

Hi Mr O I like everyone because they do there best
on there work.
What was your favourite one Mr O?
Please comment back.
From Isaiah.

I can’t play favourites mate. However I did like how you and Anthony dressed up for yours. I also like your comment about how everyone tried their best. You’re rght, everyone gave 100% Well done again.
Mr O

Hi 4/5O,
The picture of Skye and I’s presentation is the one with the koala with a stop sign. I think everybody worked really hard.
Which photo do you think looks the most creative?
From Ella

I think everybody worked really hard on their project just as you did. I’m not so sure but my favourite project was Isaiah’s and Anthony’s with their costumes even though they ripped. What was your favourite project?

Hi ella
as I can see a think the koala with the stop sign is the best. Did you have fun?
from gemma

Hi Mr O
What I liked about the project is doing all the colouring.
I like key mine which was very fun to say. Did you like my project?

Mr o
I just can’t believe that we have finally finished our integrated studies projects I was so worried about my grade.

I liked everyone’s they were cool
They were creative.

To mr o,
I really enjoyed making the water way project and me and James didn’t think it would turn out as 1% less than an A rated project. My favourite part of the project that we done was the food chain facts and front cover.
What was your favourite part of the project?
The next project we do I want to try get an A.
I will make sure that next time we do an oral presentation i will try my hardest not to read the project out to the whiteboard and actually read the MAGNIFICENT project out to the class.
Regards Zane

I really liked my project the best. But i still liked the others . Hows did you like.
From Jack

I think that everyone had a good job. I really liked the power point the most. Good job to everyone it dosent matter what grade you got.


Dear Mr O
My favourite part of the project was my food web.
I liked everyone’s protects because they worked so hard on them and you could see their efforts .
From Lateysha

TO 45’o
I like doing integrated studies.
From Anthony.

Hi 4/5O
I am liking jack m local waterways project, I think it is really creative and I think it will look really good when it is finished
From Dominica

Hi mr O
at my new school my teacher is mr gillmore he used to work at huntly he tort my sister in grade five. On Friday the tenth of june we went down to apex park in kangaroo flat we went there to get a sample of water so we could do testing on it some of the tests were turbidity , ph levels, conductivity, phosphorus and temperature we had fun. I recon that all of 5/4 Os projects were awesome
from gemma ★

Hi Gemma,
Yesterday we went to the Bendigo creek to tests for ph too.my favourite Bart was doing the ph tests.
What was your favourite Bart?
Please comment on my blog at http://rebeccar1234.global2.vic.edu.au/
From Rebecca

Hi Rebecca
you probably didn’t notice that you said bart instead of part anyway my favorite part was collecting the sample of the water
from gemma ★

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