Our Last Day of Gym


Posted by Mr O'Toole | Posted in Excursions, Physical Education | Posted on June 7, 2016

Today was our last day at Palmer’s Gym. The whole class has come so far over the last month. So many flips, rolls, jumps and falls. We all have had a fantastic time.

What did you improve on over the month of gym?

What can you now do that you couldn’t do before?



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Comments (12)

Hey mr O
I improved doing my front flip and landed it.
Now I can do a leap frog on the rainbow.
What was your favourite thing at gym.

Regards jett

to class
I can do a carrtweel.
From Anthony.

To the Class,
I had heeps of fun at gym.
I lert how to do a backflip.
Has it also been really fun for?
From Callum.

To 4/5 O
I improved my flips by landing them and by keeping my balance.
I can do a leap frog jump now over the rainbow with out touching the rainbow.

From McKenzie

I have improved on doing front flips and now I know how to do a Backwards role.
From Jack

Hi Mr O like number 14 because it was fun annd it was the last day of gym.
If you were a kid what number would you like Mr O?
from Isaiah

Hi 4/5O,
I improved on getting out of the foam pit faster.
What Activity did you like the most?
From Ella

I can do everything that I could do before i have inproved on my front flips

Hi 4/5o
I love gym I wish gym would go on all team.
I improve on a all for things.
Do you like doing gymnastics?
From Rebecca

Hello mr otoole.

My name is Henry D my favourite part of gym was me doing a frontflip and landing it. i also loved every bit of it

your cincearly Henry.D

To my class,
It was ok to have the last day of gym but it would be nice to go back to their.I would like to land some more front flips.
From jack

Hi 4/5O
I prove in my flips. I couldn’t flip and land.
From Tom

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