Water Cycle Dioramas


Posted by Mr O'Toole | Posted in Art, Integrated Studies | Posted on June 9, 2016

As a part of our Integrated Studies unit “Our Local Waterways” this term, we are designing and building dioramas of the water cycle. Today we planned and brainstormed our ideas, then we began the crafting process.

Can you explain anything about the water cycle?

What are you looking forward to with this activity?

Which diorama are you liking so far?

Photo 9-06-2016, 2 38 44 PM Photo 9-06-2016, 2 38 51 PM Photo 9-06-2016, 2 38 59 PM Photo 9-06-2016, 2 39 02 PM Photo 9-06-2016, 2 39 08 PM Photo 9-06-2016, 2 39 35 PM Photo 9-06-2016, 2 40 05 PM Photo 9-06-2016, 2 55 18 PM Photo 9-06-2016, 2 55 39 PM Photo 9-06-2016, 2 55 45 PM Photo 9-06-2016, 2 56 08 PM Photo 9-06-2016, 2 56 18 PM Photo 9-06-2016, 2 56 23 PM Photo 9-06-2016, 2 56 28 PM Photo 9-06-2016, 2 56 51 PM Photo 9-06-2016, 2 57 53 PM

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Comments (14)


from CRAIG

Hey mr O
I’m am liking everyone’s because they are giving it a go.
I can explain that the water cycle has 4 stages.
I am looking forward to making the mountain

I am looking forward to start putting stuff in my diarama.
I am liking Jett’s so far, it looks really good.
From Jack

TO class
I liked James the mosted.
From Anthony

Hi 4/5O
I am liking Jack M water cycle diorama and I can’t wait to see it when it is finished, everyone else’s is amazing
From Dominica

To my class,
It looks like we are working hard on them.Keep it up class and I also like jack m’s the most.
From jack

Hi 4/5O,
I really like Reese and Shanae’s diorama because they look like they are focused. In this activity I’m looking forward to seeing how hard everyone’s project.
Which Diorama looks the most colourful to you?
From Ella

Hi there
I like dominion and Skye dioramas so far and I like Shelbys.
I looking forward to do more on it with Ella.
Do you like doing the dioramas and who’s is your favourite?
From Rebecca

The cycle is Evaperation,condensation,presipertation and collection. I don’t know whos i liked because they are all so good. i am looking forword to see how they all look when they are done.

To 4/5 O
I’m looking forward to everyones diorama because I looked at there ideas and they all sound good.
The water cycle has 4 stages.

Sincerely McKenzie

I like Isaiah and Zane’s diaramas because they are creative and what there doing. I’m looking forward of what all the classes diaramas are going to look forward r and the awesome colour.

To Mr Otoole,
Jett and I really enjoyed making the dioramas in intergrated studies it was super fun.
Don’t you think that our dioramas are awesome?
From Callum.

I know that there are 4 cycles. I am looking forward to putting the 4 cycles in the diarama. My favourite diarama is everybody’s because they all look amazing.


Hi class,
I really liked everyone’s diorama I can’t quite choose but, all I know is that everyone’s looked stunning and extrodinary. I couldn’t believe how the water cycle goes it’s so different to any other cycle. I can’t wait until I everyone’s diorama is finished, I can tell that they’re going to look fabulous.

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