Indigenous Veterans Focus Questions


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With a partner watch this BTN video, read the questions below, answer the questions in a single blog post. After you’ve answered all the questions write a comment on this post with a URL link to your groups answers.


1. What was the main point of the Indigenous Veterans story?

2. Describe the book the school kids have written.

3. How did the students research the book?

4. Were Indigenous people recognised for their service in wars?

5. Complete the following sentence: During WWI ____________________ weren’t allowed to sign up for the military.

6. About how many Indigenous people served in World War One?

7. Why was a ceremony held for Indigenous veterans recently?

8. How did the school kids help out at the ceremony?

9. What feedback did the students get about their project?

10. In your own words describe the role Indigenous Australians have played in wars.


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Hi class,
Today we really enjoyed doing this activity with a partner. And we hope we can do some more work on this. Did you like doing this activity?

From Rebecca and Skye.

I liked the video and I have finished the questions. Here are the answers on my blog:

From Jack

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