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Our Class has been learning netball for the past term it was fun but we had a couple of delays because of the weather. It rained for 4 of our lesson’s. When we had a lesson of netball we were being taught by Janelle. To thank her for that here are some of the students thoughts.

Rebecca: I think the sport is really good and that I might take netball as a weekend sport.

Ella: That it was fun and everyone had an even share of the ball.

Shelby: I think that everyone should have a shot of netball because it’s fun and easy.

Shanae: Because you get to train and because you get to play mini games and learn new skills.

Reese: I thought it was fun because of the channels and you get to learn how to lead.

Skye: I liked netball because it is fun to play and you get to play a game.

Every one loved playing netball with Janelle because she was nice and kind to everyone. So thanks Janelle everyone loved the skills that you taught.

Written by Ethan

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