Reading Focus Questions 14/7/16


Posted by Mr O'Toole | Posted in Integrated Studies, Reading | Posted on July 14, 2016

Watch this BTN episode on erosion and then answer the focus questions with a partner in your workbooks.

  1. Where in Australia was affected by storms and floods recently?
  2. Which two factors made the recent storm so destructive?
  3. What is erosion?
  4. What did the erosion experiment in the BtN story explain?
  5. What sort of landforms does erosion help shape?
  6. During unusually violent weather, erosion happens much ____________.
  7. What causes tides?
  8. A king tide occurs when…
  9. How do plants help reduce the erosion of coastlines?
  10. Why are many scientists worried about the number of buildings located along the beach?
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