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Today we presented assembly for the second time this year. Ethan and Shelby did a fantastic job of hosting. The whole class also performed their “BODMAS Song” very well. Congratulations everyone!

Our class was also awarded the Library Book Borrowing Award for the first time this year with 96% of the class borrowing. Well done! We should also congratulate Mrs McCarten’s grade for winning it for 20 straight weeks before us.

What did everyone think about our song? Catchy?

Do you think you know BODMAS better now?





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Good job on winning everyone

The BODMAS tune was very catchy and took me back to my school days. Unfortunately we didn’t have a catchy tune to help us remember it!
Congratulations on a great job hosting the Assembly and winning the Library borrowing award 4/5O ! I hope you can win again next time.

Good luck


That sure was catchy, I even found myself singing it around the house. Well done and all that practicing payed off. Great team effort on this one 4/5O.

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