3/4 Camp Day 1


Posted by Mr O'Toole | Posted in Camps | Posted on July 18, 2016

Today we went to camp, it was really fun. The bus ride felt really long. We got to do activities like archery and the giant swing. Ella.

Today i went on the giant swing and I went up to the 12 thing on the swing and in my canon was Ella and Nikita camp is fun. Rebecca

Today I went and did the flying fox and made a pizza. I had cheese and tomato paste on my pizza. My group was number 1. My cabin Seth and Tom.Judd.

To day I went the flying fox. Tom20160718-215218.jpg20160718-215237.jpg20160718-215258.jpg20160718-215338.jpg

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Looks like and sounds like everyone has had a great time so far. It looks cold there. Enjoy the rest of your stay and have fun.

HI grade fours
how has your camp been?
judd and tom what has been your favourite part so far?

hope your injoying your camp

peace out Jett

Hi Jett,
Camp was fun! We did lots of activities. We also did G.O Cashing.
What did you do while we were gone?
From Ella

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