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Today was our first lesson on probability with fractions. The task was to draw a spinner where the chance of it landing on a red was 1/4. Here are a few students that were proud of their efforts.

What can you tell me about the task we did?

What does the numerator represent?

What does the denominator represent?

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To The Class,
Well what we did was probability and we had to use our faction skills.
The numerator represents the top of a fraction and the denominator is the bottom of a fraction.
I really enjoyed doing this right in the morning when I’m switched on.

Hi Mr O’Toole I like maths. Do you like maths? I love everyone’s do you likes everyone’s. I did four eights on my. Please leave a comment Mr O’Toole

Hey 4/5 O
The task we did today was fun because we got to create game spinner and it felt similar to art . The denominator represents the whole of the shape. The numerator represents the amount desired.
From Lateysha

To mr O’ Toole
1. We learned that you got to make a spinner and do a fractions.
2. The top one is the numerators .
3.Tthe bottom one is the denominator.

Mr O
1. We had to make a spinner with 1/4 of the spinner red.
2. The numerator represents the desired outcomes
3. The denominator represents the other possible outcomes.

hello mr o
the task we did was interesting and fun I did 4ths and 8ths. the numerater represents the propabileties of something happening. the denomanator represents how many things are there.

Hi 4/5O,
The numerater represents (example: say you wanted to know how many pink there was) and the denominator represents the amount of colours.
I think they all look fabulous.
What did you like about them?
From Ella

Hi class,
The numerator represent the top and the denomination represent the bottom.
My favourite part was when we had to find the numerator and denominator.
What is your favourite thing about the maths work we did?
From Rebecca

The task we did was we had to draw any shape and make 1/4 of the shape red. I found a pattern you add 1/4 + 1/4 = 2/8, and you can keep going for ever. They are equivalent fractions.

The denominator is the amount of something that is in the circle. For example if I flip a coin it has two side.

The numerator is the amount of the things that you color in red. For example if I flip a coin and I want it to be tails is is a 1/2 chance of happening.

Did you enjoy watching us make the fractions.

Peace out Jett.

To Mr O
What I learnt about today math lesson is probability. I learnt how to explain it what is going on and numerator means desired outcome and the denominator means the possible outcome. Are we going to do something harder and challenging?
From James

Hi there,
today we did probabitity.Probabitity is thew chance that an event will happen.the numarater is the top number on the top of the domanter. the domante is the thing that is under numanter

from jack c

Hey Mr.O
We had to make a spinner and we had to coulor 1/4 of it red.
The numerator is the top number. It means take or coulor.
The denominator is how many there are of what your doing.


To Mr O
We had to do a wheel and devide it and colour 2 Pieces red.

To mr O’Toole
Today we drew a circle and made it into a fraction I did 8th we coloured one fourth in red.

The numerator is the number on the top, it also means take or colour.

The denominator is the one on the bottom, it also means how much their is.
From Judd

I learn’t from the lesson that there is not just one way of doing one quarter. The denomonator is the one on the bottom. The numinator is the one at the top.

From Jack

To Mr O’toole,
I really enjoyed our maths this morning making the spinners.
1. We had to draw a circle and divide it into 4 or more equal groups.
2. Next we had to colour in the even 1/4’s of the circle.
3. Then we had to make the circle have a possibility of spinning a colour 1/4.
Then we had to write the answer down at the bottom.

Dear Mr O’Toole
First of all thank you for giving us a lovely maths lesson.
1.we had to make a spinner and do a fraction.
2. the numerator is the top number on a fraction
3. the denominator is the bottom number on a fraction
From Dominica

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