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To Mr. O,
I think the first Question is 105kg because the Hare is 4, the Pidgeon is 1 and the Pig is 100. The Hare + Pidgeon is 5kg and 5kg + Pig is 105kg. That is what I think.

From Jack .M

Good try Jack Morrow

To Mr. O,
I am not sure if this is correct but wouldn’t it be 10 cats can kill 10 rats in 10 minutes. That’s what I think.

From Jack .M


Are mine correct mr O’Toole


Is the cat one 3 minutes?


Hi Mr O,
Is the answer to the cat equation, it would take 10 cats to kill 10 rats in 13 minutes because if 3 cats can kill 3 rats in 3 minutes, 3+10=13
From Ella

Incorrect. Sorry Ella!

Hi Mr, O’ Toole
The first one is 105kg and the second one is 7mins because three rats are already dead

From Ethan

105kg is correct
But not the cats one. Sorry.


Well done!

Hi Mr O
Is the cat question 10 minutes

No, sorry Shelby.

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