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Which class can get the most comments from their family and friends? Comment on this post to contribute to this classes tally.

But what should you comment about?

Scroll through this classes previous posts, then come back to this post and comment what you liked seeing or reading. It’s that simple!

But how do you comment? Click on the title of this post and scroll down until you see a comments section. Write your name and leave a short message.

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Comments (40)

What was the pizza for? Where was the since thing at?
From paul cook

Hi class. Greetings from inside an Airbus A380. On my way to USA so will check in on the blog again when I get there. Hope you are enjoying your last term. Sun is out so plenty of summer activities to look forward to.

Wow. Long flight but a happy hello from Dallas Texas. Reading Mr. O’Toole’s class blog and seeing all the photos of the children is a great way to pass the time in the airports.

Good luck 4/5O

Interesting blogs that keep everyone connected. Good luck to you and your classmates McKenzie!

Hi 4/5 O,

Love reading all blogs and my favourite part of Mr O’s blog is looking at the photos and videos that he posts.

Hey guys. I love your posts, my favourite one is the post about going to Science Week at Weeroona. Keep posting great things 4/5O and good luck!

Hi 4/5 O,
Looks like all of you were having a great time in woodwork and being creative with your hands.
Good luck with the challenge

Great to see what the kids have been up to. Really like seeing photos and videos of the “class in action”.

Love seeing all the exciting things you have been doing in your class! Great to see so many kids involved in the team sports carnivals that have been held over the last 2 terms! Well done to everyone!
From Janelle

Hey 4/5 O
My favourite post was seeing the kids at weeroona doing science week. good luck for the challenge 4/5 O.

Hope you win

regards Jetts mum

I love seeing the kids enjoying the varied activities that they have been doing. Keep up the great work.

The pizza looks delicious

I really enjoyed going to watch the AFL 9’s , the children all did a great job in their teams and they all showed great sportsmanship. Well Done to all of you.

“If I were a king for a week is a great way” for the students to demonstrate their sense of compassion and become aware of the problems occurring in today’s society. Keep up the great work Zane

Nice blog. The olympic symbols and art work was exceptionally good. Keep up the good work students.

McKenzie’s Uncle

the pizza looks yummo!!

Love watching all the great things you guys are doing at bin and out of the classroom

What a great idea good luck kids

Dear 4/5O,
Your class always looks like your all having alot of fun,
Keep up the good work.
Raelene 🙂

Well done guys, can see your all learning lots of things, keep up the good work 🙂

Good work in the classroom guys. Keep it up. Hope yous win this challenge!!! Shauna 🙂

Great blogs, well done Ella, quite the story teller.

Great blog, good stuff kids,keep up the great work

Yum, that pizza looking good!!!

Keep up the good work everybody i really enjoyed reading your blog .

What a great way to share the great work you all do .Well done .

Hi Ella,
Thank you so much for inviting us to have a look at, & read your blog & to see all the exciting things you get to do at school..It looks like you all have a lot of fun.xx

Great blog, good to see what the kids do.
Keep up the great work

Awesome blog 🙂

Hi Ethan
I enjoyed reading your blog and the classrooms blog a lot thanks for inviting me

Great Blogs by Mr O’Toole’s crew. Keep it up kids

Good work Boden and class!

Great job Mr O’Toole’s class, lots of fun to read 🙂

Fantastic work

Keep up the great work guys


Awesome work 4/5O!

Looks like you are all having too much fun!

This is my very first time on a Blog site.I am updating my 75 year old skills. I hope you win

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