5/6 Camp Part 6


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Thanks for all the updates Mr. O’Toole. It was like we were there with the children on this amazing camp.

I am sure the children have expressed their thanks to all Huntly Primary staff for organising and supervising. A big thank you from the parents as well.

hey mr O
i loved whatching the man making fairy drops.
i also liked the lollies they were amazing.
the most funniest moment for me was the doctor he was hillarious.

from JETT

Yes the doctor was very funny. I also believe that Ma’am thought that was the funniest part, not because of the doctor, but because of you laughing.
Mr O

mr O
yeah i defently think i was laughing more than talking.
i think ma’am got a bit anoyed with my laugh.
it was a great experience

Mr O’toole.
This video is perfect. This video tell me how to make the strawberry lollies.
That’s good!

I loved watching the man making the fairy drops. He was very generous for giving us a fresh batch of lollies. It was so hilarious when people were giving Ma’am the gifts. My arms were getting really tired because the girls had to hold their hands together and our shoulders had to be straight back. It was also funny how Boden got the cane.

Hi 4/5O,
Camp sounded fun! I wish I was there. What flavour were the lollies?
From Ella

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