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Posted by Mr O'Toole | Posted in Mr O'Toole's messages, Technology | Posted on November 29, 2016

What else do you like about our blogs?

Is there something else you’ve learnt to do this year on the blogs?

What do you think your parents like about our blogs? (Parents can answer for themselves if they like)

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To Mr O.
I think my parents like our blogs because they can see what we do at school and what we learn at school.
This year i have learnt how to put post on my blog of what i do andi learnt how to make high Quility comments.

Sincerely McKenzie.

Yes you are absolutely right. As I travel so much the blog allows me to stay in touch with your learning. All the children are very lucky to have Mr. O teach you all about the internet and how to blog safely. Looking forward to seeing a Christmas blog soon.

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