Sun Smart BTN Episode


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Myths about being sun smart.

-You can’t get burnt on a cloudy day.

-Only people with fair skin can get skin cancer.

-Kids can’t get skin cancer.

-Skin cancer is not a serious form of cancer because it can be cut out.

-One application of sunscreen in the morning is enough.

**With a partner create a warning poster to display around the school explaining why this myth is wrong, and what we can do about it.**

Mozzie BtN episode


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Goodmorning 4/5 O. Here is our BtN episode for you to rewatch if you need help answering your focus questions.

Mozzie Season

  1. Briefly summarise the BtN Mozzie Season story.
  2. Why are there more mosquitoes around during warmer weather?
  3. Where do mosquitoes lay their eggs?
  4. Why are scientists predicting that this mosquito season will be bad?
  5. How many times a second do mosquitoes beat their wings?
    1. 200
    2. 400
    3. 600
  6. Finish the following sentence:

Male mosquitoes prefer to eat…

  1. Why do mosquitoes need human and animal blood?
  2. What do they use to jab through a person’s skin?
  3. Why are mosquitoes the deadliest animal on earth?
  4. Name three things you learnt watching the Mozzie Season story.

Term Awards


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The whole class has worked tirelessly this term on a number of different tasks. However these four students have been exceptional and consistent. Well done!


Home Reading Reward


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Our class got another reward on Friday for consistent home reading and handing their diaries in, completed and on time. The group chose pizza as their reward.






Greyhound Racing Ban Issue


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Answer the focus questions with a partner on this post. Make sure you answer in complete sentences and use key words from the question in your answers.


  1. What was the main point of the story?
  2. What did an ABC report into the greyhound industry find?
  3. Which state has decided to ban greyhound racing?
  4. Australia is one of only ________ countries in the world where greyhound racing still happens.
  5. Why do some people want greyhound racing banned?
  6. Describe Jacinta’s involvement in greyhound racing.
  7. Why is Jacinta against banning greyhound racing?
  8. If the ban goes ahead, what will happen to ex-racing dogs?
  9. Why does Michaela say greyhounds make great pets?
  10. Do you think greyhound racing should be banned in Australia? Give reasons for your answer.

Concussions in Sport – Reading Activity


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Choose at least 3 of these questions and answer them in complete sentences in your workbooks. Then write a short summary about the story on your blog making sure to state what you learnt from the story.

  1. Discuss the main issues raised in the Concussion Campaign story with another student.
  2. About how many sports-related concussions occur in Australia each year?
  3. What happens to the brain when someone gets concussed?
  4. What are the symptoms of concussion?
  5. Experts say that kids may have a higher chance of getting concussions than adults. True or false?
  6. Why do some people think wearing head protection could make things worse?
  7. What other suggestions have been made to reduce the number of concussions?
  8. What is the aim of the `no brain no game’ campaign?
  9. What do you think could be done to reduce the number of concussions in kids?

Writing Activity 15/07/2016


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With your clock buddy discuss these questions:

What did you SEE in this video?

What do you THINK about what you saw in this video?

What does this video make your WONDER?

How did this video make you FEEL?

Independent Activity

Imagine you own one of the houses shown in the video. Write a letter to the local council about your predicament and list the action you would like taken.

Reading Focus Questions 14/7/16


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Watch this BTN episode on erosion and then answer the focus questions with a partner in your workbooks.

  1. Where in Australia was affected by storms and floods recently?
  2. Which two factors made the recent storm so destructive?
  3. What is erosion?
  4. What did the erosion experiment in the BtN story explain?
  5. What sort of landforms does erosion help shape?
  6. During unusually violent weather, erosion happens much ____________.
  7. What causes tides?
  8. A king tide occurs when…
  9. How do plants help reduce the erosion of coastlines?
  10. Why are many scientists worried about the number of buildings located along the beach?

Term Award Winners


Posted by Mr O'Toole | Posted in Maths, Mr O'Toole's messages, Reading, Writing | Posted on June 24, 2016

Jack M, Ethan, Lateysha and Tom should be congratulated for all their hard work this term. They were awarded the Literacy, Numeracy and Persistence trophies for their effort in the classroom. The Employee of the Term was also recognised with a plaque. Well done!






Class Party!


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Today we partied at lunch time to celebrate our 500 stickers, (2500 nights read). Lots of sugar, “sometimes foods” and music to dance along to. Thankyou and well done to everyone who helped the class to achieve this result this year.

Visiting our blog for the first time


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