35.what do you admire most about your dad?


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I like my dad because he is always nice and gives me free money. He always wants to play with me and he pushes me. When I  do fun runs he lets me run at my own speed and doesn’t get angry when I run away from him. He jokes around and makes me laugh. He lets me drive the jogger and car. He lets me mow the lawn and pays me to wash the car. He lets me on my computer on hot days and after late nights. In the morning he lets me on my computer. He teaches me to drive the car and what all the buttons mean. He takes me to fun places. My dad drives horses and always tries to win. When he wins he promised to get something for us. He teaches me new soccer tricks. He helps me learn because he is a school teacher. My dad is the best!

From Brent

Write a poem about your most prized possession.


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beanie boo             `

slow , cool, fun

funning, soft ,  good

friend for a cuddle

beanie boo


soft , cuddle , cool

funning ,fun , good

friend for a cuddle



Do you think schools should give out homework? Why or why not?


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We do not think that we should be doing homework because we are busy, do you think you could be busy?

Some schools do home work some do not. Home work is very hard and if you have little sisters it’s even worse. There might be some kids that have sport activities after school. Parents might not like it and want the children to do chores. In the Holidays kids might not want to do it!

From Ella and Abbey

a time you gave something of yours to someone who needed it


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I share a lot. I share too my sister, mum and dad. For christmas me and caitlin ( my sister) are going to get an xbox one and I have to share it with her. It is going to be hard but I have to do it. In class time when someone walks up to me and asks if they can borrow something like a rubber or a pencil I always say okay (unless I don’t have it). My sister caitlin is a shareing person too(well, most of the time). Sometimes when I ask caitlin for something she normally says yes, but sometimes she just says plain old no. Once I got a stick insect for my birthday but I kind of had to share it with my sister. Caitlin got to hold the stick insect a lot. For christmas we get some stuff to share between me and caitlin.

By jack

what do you admire most about your mum


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what do you admire most about your mum.. I love my mum because she all ways byes me cool stuff. I also love my mum because she it super nice & sweat. I also love my mum if she make’s tea or a snack to eat+drink’s. My mum is so nice she lets me do anything even ride a motorbike out side of our house and also lets me go to the shop’s and bye anything like as many loleys as l want. And let’s me have friends over when I want. I love my mum the most out of the hole wold.




Have you ever recived a gift you did not like? How did you react


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One christmas I got up I wIsthed that my whole family was there. But they weren’. but utlest  some of my famely was there.  I went and had a look under the christmas tree.  I saw my sisters Christmas present.  It was huge and I could not see  mine.   I did not think it was there  I looked harder but  then I found it. It was so small I woke up my mom.  I was so upset I asked her,  “why is mine so small.” Then she told me that we were sharing that christmas present. I felt much better. After that I got my sister up and I showed her the huge present. After that we all had a great christmas and that was my best christmas ever.

BY Ben


What was your favourite summer vacation? Why?


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My favourite vacation was to portarlington  that is were our caravan is. We have had it since I was 5 years old. We have been going down there every year after Christmas. We also go down for earster. It fun because the people across the road from us have a jet ski and we go on there biscuit. I have been on it 4 times. It is the best because the beach is right over the road. It is always good because on Sundays they have a market it has iPad covers and a jumping castle and lots of other stuff.  It also has a massive wave beach. It has a really big pub. It is the BEST holiday place I have ever been.





What you admire the most about your mum


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My mum is amazing. She is a great netballer and she is competitive. She is a great mum because she comes to watch all my netball and cricket games. She also spoils me. She is also a great mum because she takes  me on holidays she took me to Queensland this year and when school finishes she is going to take me to our caravan for 3 weeks. She also does lots of stuff for me like washing,cleaning,cooking,driving. She says she always loves me. She always tries to help me with school work. She gives me good feed back on my report every year.  She will always give me hugs and kisses. She is the best mum I will ever get. I love you mum .


From Reese

What is the most interesting book you ever read? What did you like about it?


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I think the most interesting book I have read is Star Wars books. because they make you think a lot I like books that make you think a lot.

They have lots of ups & down it  makes me scared happy sad.

i like the series of the books because they make you to read the whole series.

I like when a person dies because it makes the book interesting.

I like how they have hard times like if they could only save one person.

I like how they use there powers when they just pop out & use their powers.

They take there time to write the books that makes it better.

some times they have special edition so they tall you secrets it gives you more information.

I think ther really good books because the got good illustration

From Jarrah



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The wind was cold at night. What’s the point in sleeping in a bag when you could sleep in your own bed?  I like eating cooked marshmollows and going on the boat. I didn’t like the food it was discusting. The toilet smelt like it had never been washed before. I liked going swimming it was fun. I liked the beach and going surfing. Our tent was small. We saw kangaroos and a kukaburra. We all had fun. I liked sleeping under the stars they are so pretty. I don’t like camping but at least I’m with my friends. IT’S WAS  AWSOME.


After Dusk

What makes you feel good


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Hi our names are abbey and Danielle and we are talking about what makes you feel good.WE both like  beanie boos .

we both like Christmas. WE both like having birthday  . we both like having friends.

being the centre of attention


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I like being the centre of attention because your popular  but not because it can mean your in trouble. its also good because in soccer it means you get more passes and you kick more goals and also it is good for school because you get more help.

If I were a ruler of the universe for the day, I would


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If I was the ruler of the universe for a day

I would own every store in the world.like ,mackdonls and subway.

I would also like to live in a huge huge huge house with my family.

And go to every place in the hole world such as Brazil,United States,

Africa,China and more.

And I would also buy everything in the hole world like sports cars,

motocross bikes BMX’s and lots and lots of $$$$☺️

And I would give money to people that need aid.






22.What is your favourite after school activates?


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Hello everybody,

My name is Brent

My favourite after school activity is playing video games. Another activity I love is soccer, riding my bike and running. I love playing midfield in soccer. Also my favourite video games are ark survival evolved, rocket league, call of duty black ops 3 and minecraft. When I ride my bike I always go really fast and do wheelies. I love riding horses in solkeys but I love winning more. For a couple of minute’s in the morning I play roblox which is a computer game.

By Brent

what is a tradition? what makes it so speacial


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Chistmas is a tradition it is so speacial because you get preasents for free.

You want to get somthing that is to much money so you just put it on the christmas list and Santa will bring it.

You get choclates for free in a big bag as well as small presents.

You get to hang around with your friends.

You can have a party with your family.

You have a BBQ.

You can give presents to your family as well as Santa.

Writen by Trae and Craig

What is your favourite quality about yourself ?


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Rebecca and Ella love singing “All about that bass” by Meghan Trainor. We practise all day and all night .  We can sing high and low. It allows us to be happy and let our emotions out.  We also make up songs! like we are beautiful. We have to keep our voices in good shape. We have to listen to alot of songs. We love singing at each others house.

from Rebecca and Ella





Monday Writing Prompts


Posted by Mr O'Toole | Posted in Mr O'Toole's messages, Writing | Posted on December 14, 2015

I am enabling the students to post their own posts to the class blog this morning. I also gave them a “lucky dip” of writing prompts, so the next few posts are posted all by themselves.

More oral presentations of our writing projects


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Callum and Craig’s Writing Project Presentations


Posted by Mr O'Toole | Posted in Writing | Posted on December 9, 2015

Well done today boys. You both had fantastic presentations!

Callum and Craig's Writing Projects

Some videos and pictures of today’s writing projects


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