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What is a blog?

Why have we created a blog?

This blog lets us share our learning with you, and the wider community via the internet. This blog will be our online communication with you, your children, family and friends.

I will be posting content to the blog on behalf of the students until we tease out some functionality issues, and hopefully get them on to post soon. We are all on a learning path together. Most of the students will be first time bloggers as am I.

As a learning tool blogging is a great opportunity for the students to create content, share, reflect on their learning, extend their knowledge and collaborate with others. At some point students will have the opportunity to post reports or reflections about their work. Using the internet students will have opportunities at school or at home (if internet access is available) to collaborate with their peers, and have opportunities to work with students from other classes, schools or even countries.

Blogging will enable students to have fun while improving their literacy, numeracy and ICT (Information Communication Technology) skills. It is also a great opportunity to establish early appropriate online behaviours.

What will you find?

I encourage everyone to click on everything and discover for yourself the content you can find on our blog. Most of the menu buttons on our blog are self explanatory, so we hope you enjoy exploring our classroom blog.

Blog Guidelines

The following guidelines have been established to ensure our safety while blogging.

  • Students will only be identified by their first name.
  • Students will not publish personal details about themselves.
  • Student posts are checked by Mr O’Toole before they are published onto the blog.
  • All comments submitted on our blog have to be approved by Mr O’Toole before they are published on the blog.
  • When commenting remember to be respectful, supportive and polite.
  • Proofread your writing before posting or commenting. Check that you use capital letters appropriately, include full stops, write in complete sentences, check your spelling and general punctuation.


If you have any questions about our blog or you experience any difficulties please come into the classroom and see me.


**Information on this page has been sourced from http://mrbaldock.edublogs.org/

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