Benefits of Blogging

As a learning tool blogging is a great opportunity for the students to create content, share, reflect on their learning, extend their knowledge and collaborate with others. Blogging will enable students to have fun while improving their literacy, numeracy and ICT (Information Communication Technology) skills. It is also a great opportunity to establish early appropriate online behaviours.

Other benefits include:

  • You can become a better writer.
  • We get immediate feedback.
  • It’s possible to learn more about a group of people.
  • You can learn real world skills.
  • We can express ourselves creatively.
  • We can help others learn.
  • Store teaching ideas and lessons online so they are always easily accessible
  • Have assignments online so students who are absent can complete work even if they aren’t in class.
  • List all assignments with their due dates.
  • Post student samples of work to use in future lessons.
  • Post student work so they can show their parents and relatives who live far away
  • Encourage students to do work of excellent quality so that it is ‘publishable’
  • Keep lists of great books which students can consult when planning their own reading.
  • Supply links to other valuable websites such as World Book Online and library catalogues.”

Top 10 Reasons for Students to Blog

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